Vertical Automatic Hose Braiding Machine BFB24L-114BⅡ

Vertical Automatic Hose Braiding Machine Series



BFB-B vertical automatic hose braiding machine series(BFB-90 110 114 130 140 160 200 300)is a new set of automatic braiding equipment which is design and improved based on digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. The machine is widely used in company which produce wires .cable .weaved rubber tubes which endure high pressure .weaved rubber water hose .braid ropes .tubes used in cars and motorbikes and rubber &plastic tubes in the sprayer ,teflon hose high pressure. The machine has the following features:

1)      high automatic extent broken ,empty bobbin or no tube automatic machine self-closed

2)      adopt adjustable speed to accommodate pitch ,don’t need to change gear

3)      High efficiency  production three times than present usual machine per hour ,the max production reach to 98m/hour

4)      Low noise ,transmission and pulling system adopt absorbing sound ,reducing shake and inserting equipment.

5)      Easy maintenance ,transmission flexible structure easy install and remove

6)      Spindle adopt elastic and adjustable equipment ,depentable position,easy,convenient and flexible install bobbin

7)      Small abrasion and long using life take key part used excellent material adopt heat treatment and lubricant equipment.



  BFB16L-114B BFB24L-114B BFB36L-114B BFB48L-114B
Motor power 0.75kw 1.1kw  1.5kw 2.2kw
Voltage 3 Phase 380V 3Phase 380V 3Phase 380V 3Phase 380V
Spindle RPM 55RPM 45RPM 36RPM 20RPM
Traction RPM 5.26-26RPM 4.26-18.5RPM 2.13-10.8RPM 0.13-0.58RPM
Take Up Reel Attachment Attachment Charge for take up reel Charge for take up reel
Hose Diameter ≤16mm ≤24mm ≤36mm ≤48mm
Traction Gear ¢200 ¢200 ¢800 ¢800
Spindle NO 16 Spindle 24Spindle 36Spindle 48Spindle
Weight 280kg 305kg 680kg 48kg
Bobbin Size Out edge 56× Inner edge 22×High170mm   Cubage:354cm3

Change spindle can braiding wire and yarn  

Dimenson 620*500*1580mm 890*720*1680mm 1100*1000*1780mm 1500*1300*2100mm
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