Tensile Strength Wire Winding Machine BFHG-255B

 BFHG-255B Winding machine is the complementary equipment for automatic braiding machines,winding wire ,stainless steel around  bobbin evenly and orderly.The machine  suit for steel wire braided hydraulic pressure stainless steel wire net sets factory.

They have the following features:

1)      Auto-stop when wire broken or empty

2)      Auto-stop when prset winding NO,guarantee every bobbin has equal wire capacity

3)      Control panel is fixed on the left of the machine .the bearing box and potentiometer control the speed of winding wire

4)      Auto-stop when broken or empty,the machine have self-brake device

5)      Press line disc pneumatic press tight,winding wire not quit wire ,not release wire

6)      Adjust the  pay off wire tension by  spring

7)      Traverse Pitch setting by electronic shift



Axis  RPM 1400RPM(Frequency Conversion)
Motor Power 2.2KW 3Phase
Voltage 380V/220V 50/60HZ 
Move Pich 0.-9.9MM ( by Servo motor )
Bobbin Size Outside Diameter D≤100MM Length L≤300MM
Shaft No On Pay Off 12PCS (Can design as your request)
Bobbin No 1 PCS
Air Pressure 0.3-0.5Mpa
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