horizontal braiding machine BFB24W-200CF


BFB-W series single or double horizontal high speed braiding machine is adopt advantage braiding technology, such as human machine interface ,inverter control and PLC control cell ,auto lubricant ,transmission gear in –phase ,pneumatic and hydraulic pressure design .the braiding machine can come true single or double braiding . Our braiding machine can be used in high pressure rubber hose .auto motor hose ,auto drive turning hose ,brake hose ,apply the brake hose ,auto air condition hose ,cable and industrial rubber hose ,plastic hose enhanced braiding .



1 One person can operation several machines .when the bobbin empty ,wire broken the machine will stop .the alarm flicker

2 Operational easy ,digital display Setting pitch by digital control. The machine run display by the digital display

3 Automatic ,Advantage technology , adopt human machine interface ,PLC control cell coder, inverter control ,counting function ,operation.

4 Good quality ,high efficiency .Often used operation button outside fixed .The efficiency is twice other type braiding machine

5 Design is reliable ,good out look

6.Less noise ,produce precision spare parts  ,good material and heat treat and ,sound proof

7.Stock braiding data , function .Braiding parameter and production total can be stocked in braiding machine system



No spindle 20 Spindle 24 Spindle 36 Spindle 48 Spindle 64 Spindle 96 Spindle 112 Spindle
Material Wire 0.16-0.5mm  Stainless steel wire  0.18-0.5mm 
Bobbin cubage OD D=84mm ID d=32mm HIGH  H=202mm  Cubage 956cm3OD D=78mm ID d=32mm HIGH H=152mm   Cubage 603cm3
Spindle RPM 40RPM 35RPM 25RPM 17.5RPM 12RPM 7.8RPM 6.75RPM
Braiding stands 3-15股
Braiding  power 4.0KW 4.0KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 11.0KW 18.0KW 22.0KW
Traction power 1.1KW 1.5KW
Spindle spring 1.5-15KG
Braiding hose diameter ≤22mm ≤30mm ≤50mm ≤80mm ≤150mm ≤230mm ≤350mm
Weight 1500kg 1575kg 2750kg 3200kg 4230kg 5600kg 7600kg
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