Factory For Automatic Cable Cutting And Strip Machine - Automatic Take up machine BFSJ-800 – BENFA

Designed and developed by our company ,BFSF-A take up machine series is a set of new auxiliary equipment for braiding machine to take up soft tubes automatically. It is widely used in company which produce wires  cables ,braided  rubber tubes which endure high pressure ,braided rubber water tubes ,braid  ropes, tubes used in cars and motorbikes and rubber&plastic  in the sprayer. The machine has the fg features:

1)      self rise and fall take up reel: increase produce efficency ,reduce human labor intension

2)      take up speed adopt adjustable speed : adjustable speed more convenient and exactly. and can connect with the braiding machine contemporary

3)      take up arrange orderliness: adopting beeline pay off system ,pay off pitch adjustable 

4)      take up ever tension  come true take up rapidly


  BFSJ-800 BFSJ-1100 BFSJ-1600
Motor Power 0.18kw 0.75kw 2.2kw

Ever torque motor


3 Phase 380V 50HZ

Length of reel ≤800mm ≤1100mm ≤1600mm
Lift  up way Manual  electrical or Pneumatic
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