Flexible Hose Sleeve Assembly Machine BFZP-A

Zhejiang benfa technology Co.,Ltd  working on R&D BF series hose braiding machine , automatical hose cutting machine ,braided hose assembly machine .It can be applied in braided hose ,Car and motor bike rubber hose ,brake hose ,spray rubber hose, washer car hose machine factory .

 The assemble machine apply the PLC ,HMI, pneumatic cell , mechanical straight motion ,the motion precision ,safety ,easy operation ,maintenance easy . The assemble machine come true automatically transport sleeve ,assemble the sleeve automatically  ,semi  automatic assemble core and nut , automatic injection the core. ,finished product automatic pull. Solve  the braided wire easy loose, sleeve not in position , hard assemble core ,braided wire broken finger . enhance production efficiency . working speed: 660-740pcs per hour ,relieve the labour  intensity. Enhance the prodcut quality.

Technical Parameter

Voltage 220V
Power 500W
Air pressure 0.3-0.5Mpa
Working Effciency 60Pcs/Min
Dimension 800*600*1400mm
Weight 150kg
Function Assemble sleeve
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